Amma Foodstuff Trading L.L.C.

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Amma Foodstuff Trading is an import, export, and distribution company of Food, Non-Food, and Beverages in  the UAE. It was established early 2014 in Dubai.

Our management team are well educated professional businessmen who are in the business for more than 10 years, with vast experience in sourcing from all over the world, procurement, logistics, marketing, sales and management.

Our sales and marketing team are dedicated to serve customers efficiently and effectively to satisfy their needs. Our market research team is keenly observing any development and/or trend being taken place in the market and tune operations accordingly.

We serve retail customers (hypermarkets, supermarkets, ..) as well as food service customers (hotels, restaurants, catering, ..) in UAE and export to GCC and Egypt. Our main suppliers are from: USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Egypt, UK, and Turkey.